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Why Use a Print Broker

The answer is simple. It gives you the potential to save money. Using a print broker is almost like having a purchasing agent working for you who’s always looking for the best price.

Every printing company is unique in its size and the equipment it owns. Because of these dynamics, one printing company may be capable of offering a better price on a specific print job then what another company is capable of simply because of the equipment they own. Every print job is unique in its size, the quantity to be printed, the number of pages, etcetera. Not every piece of printing and or bindery equipment is suited to be most efficient for every type of job. There is not a printing company out there who produces every single product they offer in house. Even printing companies rely on outsourcing a portion of their business to outside vendors so that they can either be competitive with their pricing or be able to offer something they do not have the resources to produce in house. However, this is not always transparent to the customer.

As a print broker, I am familiar with many different printing companies in the surrounding. I also have a thorough knowledge of the equipment they own and where their efficiencies are that can result in obtaining the best pricing. I will then take the specs for your printing job and have it quoted on by multiple companies that I am familiar with and confident with looking for the best price.