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Why using Advantage Print & Design is different

I have what I like to think of as several key “Advantages” that I offer to every client. The first and perhaps most unique is that since my background is in prepress, I will always do the initial preflight file prep for all work that is take in. This is a benefit for those I deal with in that I can typically catch potential problems with files before proofing, which can save you both time and money. If there are any problems or potential issues with a file, I catch them first and work with you to fix them as a complimentary service. Because of this, I can turn proofs around quickly and guarantee the print quality of your publications is always optimal and will appear just as you expect.

The printing companies I work with are also aware of my background in prepress and the printing industry. They are mindful of the fact that I have already pre-flighted the files to industry standards before sending them off to be printed. They have confidence that the files they are receiving will be “clean” and require no additional work, and they are ready to print. This typically translates into getting a faster turn around time and better pricing, all of which I pass on to my clients.

A few of the other “Advantages” to working with Advantage Print & Design:

  • We do not charge for Author Alterations when made from PDF proofs.
  • Delivery charges, if any, are always included in the cost of the estimate. There is never an additional charge added to the invoice.
  • If your project requires mailing, we will get your job out quickly and cost-effectively using either your bulk mail permit or ours.
  • We offer convenient billing with printing and mailing services on one invoice.