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Who is Jan Lopuski?

In one way, shape or form, I have been in the graphic design and printing industry for over 25 years now. I originally got started self-teaching myself graphic design back in 1994. I remember this because I still have my very first Apple Computer I bought, a Power Macintosh 7100/80, that has the date on it.

I owned a business for over 12 years, where I specialized in graphic design, commercial photography, and large format printing that I eventually sold. For a short time, I worked as the production manager for a digital and screen printing company outside of Philadelphia. Still, then later settled into a position as the Prepress Supervisor for a local commercial printing company that sadly closed its doors in September of 2019

With the entrepreneurial spirit still living inside me, I decided to return to doing what I enjoy best — using my knowledge of prepress and printing, while at the same time working directly with the customers again. I offer something unique with the personalized service I give to every client. I care about your project as if it was my own. I am always looking to go the extra step to make sure it’s delivered on time, looks the best it possibly can and is sold at a competitive price.